Sunday Beans - John Sunday Vianney

Together with my friends from the Czech Republic a Slovakia, we have established a coffee plantation in Uganda

John Sunday

I was born in the mountain village of Kiyebe. I am a Catholic priest, and I am studying for a doctor´s degree in law in Europe. Life in Uganda is not easy, basic things are missing here. I want to provide local people with a job, to do better. We are building a coffee plantation, and we have invented a way how to finance this all. At SUNDAY BEANS, you can buy quality coffee even today and support our project. Be a part of our story.


“I have four children. I grow fruits and potatoes. Purchase prices are very low, it is not easy to feed the family. As an experienced farmer, I organize work on the plantation. Thanks to the SUNDAY BEANS project, I have completed a coffee-growing course at the Rwampara Institute and I have a good job. ”


“I have been working on the SUNDAY BEANS plantation from the very beginning when we started preparing the land. I have made some money to be able to start breeding pigs. I will sell them and pay my kids’ tuition fees. ”


“Even though I have a secondary education, I could not find a job for a long time. As the youngest of my siblings, I take care of my parents. I am grateful to them, they have sacrificed a lot for me. They are old now. I have a steady job on the plantation and that is why I have the money for my sick mother´s medication. ”

Philosophy of our project

Give people fish and feed them for the day. Teach them to fish and feed them for life.

We have verified that the best way how to help is by passing on know-how about proper farming and quality education.


Brazil Coffee

This first-class coffee comes from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. It is grown by an association of small farmers in the region. We bring Brazil coffee through the port in Antwerp and roast it in Modra, Slovakia. Profits from its sale go to the further development of the coffee plantation in Kiyebe, Uganda.

Uganda Coffee

In Kiyebe, Uganda, we grow young coffee trees on high-quality lava soil, the first crop of which we will start roasting in 2021/22. This plantation is already helping local people and their families improve their quality of life. Support the development of the Kiyebe community by purchasing coffee from SUNDAY BEANS.

Premium roasting is the basis of great taste

To enjoy a truly great coffee, we approached experts at EBENICA COFFEE who roast our fresh coffee beans at the top world quality roasting plant in Modra, Slovakia.

“From my professional point of view, Brazilian coffee is a sensible beginning. Its taste profile makes it a favourite coffee. This is not a limited edition, but that is not the point. We, as roasters, are trying to get the most out of this coffee to make it interesting and tasty for the wider range of people. SUNDAY BEANS coffee does not explicitly target coffee “ultra specialists”, but rather people looking for good coffee and those who are addressed by the value intent of the project.“

Marek Fajčík


250/500/1000 g

You can get the unique SUNDAY BEANS Brazil coffee in a & nbsp; package in 250, 500 or 1000 grams. Proceeds from & nbsp; sales are donated to the development of a coffee plantation in & nbsp; Uganda. So let's grow new coffee together.