The story which smells of coffee

SUNDAY BEANS coffee is made by a group of friends from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the village of Kiyebe in the African state of Uganda

Who we are

We are a group of people that are connected by friendship, common values, enthusiasm to help in missions, and perhaps also the ability to engage their surroundings for a good cause. The core of the SUNDAY BEANS project is the couple Luboš and Markéta Fronka, Martin and Lucka Hubeňák, two Catholic priests – Milan Polak, who works in Slovakia and John Sunday from Uganda.

How it all began

The story of SUNDAY BEANS began in 2013 when Luboš participated as a volunteer in a mission trip to Uganda with the organization Papal Missionary Works. For a few weeks, St. Paul’s Seminary Kyniamasika became his home. Getting to know people in this African country, as well as the life of seminarians, were an experience and impulse for him in the years to come.

Meeting John Sunday

Many meetings and new friendships resulted in a very strong one, which has continued to this day. And it even bears its fruit. It is a friendship with priest John, then a student of the priestly seminary. Shortly after completing his theological studies, John was sent by his superiors to do a doctorate in law at the University of Rome. Thanks to this, it was possible to arrange for John to spend his time off visiting Luboš and Markéta. John met many family friends from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our stories intertwine

At this moment, Martin, an experienced manager, enters the whole story with his wife Lucka and priest Milan, the priest from Nitra – Luboš’s native town. During long and interesting discussions, we were often talking about life in Uganda and the possibilities of how to support people there.

The people of Uganda live in conditions unimaginable for us Europeans. They do not have electricity, they have to walk many kilometres to get some water, they do not have medicines and only very modest food. Access to education is difficult. Most of the time they do not have paid work and they feed on what they can grow on small fields.

We help families in Africa

Words became deeds, so we started sending money for various smaller projects to support the lives of the people of John’s native village of Kiyebe. We were delighted to build a rainwater tank, then a small bee-keeping station. Or when we saw the school report of the children we contribute to study. Over time, Martin came up with the idea that we should set up a plan to keep people sustainably. To encourage start-up and business development. One of Uganda’s main export commodities is coffee. That is why we became more interested in it. Priest Milan has become a great driving force for us, not only he lets us dream about good things, but he also encourages us to continue.

Sunday Beans - John Sunday Vianney

John Sunday

My name is John Sunday. I come from the village of Kiyebe in Uganda, from very modest conditions. As the only one of five siblings and one of the few locals, I was lucky enough to get a good education. First in Africa, later in Europe. Living in Uganda is not easy. The people in my home village lack basic needs for life. I wish to improve living conditions in Kiyebe. Therefore, together with my friends from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we are building a new coffee plantation in Kiyebe. Support building the new plantation by buying Sunday Beans coffee.

Luboš & Markéta

Martin & Lucie


KIYEBE, a mountain village in Equatorial Africa

Kiyebe is a small Ugandan village high up in the mountains, near the town of Kabale. We have verified that the conditions for growing coffee in this area are very good. The local soil is of lava origin, at an altitude of about 1,800 m, it directly encourages the cultivation of quality Arabica.

The Coffee Plantation - The idea of helping people differently

We went to reach our goal and at the end of the year, we jointly financed the purchase of five hectares of agricultural land. We founded a community society in Kiyebe. This is something like a company that aims to support the development of the community from its financial results. From our savings, we started paying people salaries for preparatory work and education in coffee growing. In September 2019 we planted 2,700 coffee shrubs and hundreds of shaded trees. Today we can proudly call it a coffee plantation, which is well maintained daily by our friends from Kyiebe. However, our private budgets would not be sufficient for further development. That is why we founded SUNDAY BEANS Inc. in the Czech Republic, which supports our Ugandan project by selling coffee. Our wives Markéta and Lucka thus became a background for this company in addition to taking care of children. Be a part of our story

Be part of our story

It will take about three years before we can harvest the first crop. There is still a long way to go. It will certainly not be easy. We already know that it will be beautiful, enlightening and will enrich us mutually. Our outcome does not have to be only coffee, but mainly new experiences and friendships. Buy SUNDAY BEANS coffee, enjoy it every day, and become a significant part of the stories of our Kiyebe friends in Far Africa. Follow and share our story with your friends. Offer SUNDAY BEANS coffee in your vicinity. Along with coffee, you are telling people the whole SUNDAY BEANS story that can continue. This is how you help people there in Kiyebe.By purchasing SUNDAY BEANS coffee you write this story together with us. A story of extraordinary human friendship and belonging. Thank you for our, but from now on even for your African friends.

Premium roasting is the basis of great taste

Marek Fajčík: We roast for SUNDAY BEANS

From my professional point of view, Brazilian coffee is a sensible beginning. Its taste profile makes it a favourite coffee. This is not a limited edition, but that is not the point. We, as roasters, are trying to get the most out of this coffee to make it interesting and tasty for the wider range of people. SUNDAY BEANS coffee does not explicitly target coffee “ultra specialists”, but rather people looking for good coffee and those who are addressed by the value intent of the project.

We cooperate with SUNDAY BEANS

My decision to work with SUNDAY BEANS was quick and natural. I accidentally overheard three guys clinking their cups with coffee in our company store. I stood up from my chair and walked over to them. We started talking. The story of John, Uganda and the people around the missions captivated me. Sunday Beans has a deep value foundation to build on. Linking “business” with missions makes sense. To grow, roast and sell coffee while helping people in Uganda. To open the door for them with options they have no idea of. To give them know-how. This is what made me decide to cooperate with SUNDAY BEANS.

Marek Fajčík


Brazil Coffee

This first-class coffee comes from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. It is grown by an association of small farmers in the region. We bring Brazil coffee through the port in Antwerp and roast it in Modra, Slovakia. Profits from its sale go to the further development of the coffee plantation in Kiyebe, Uganda

Uganda Coffee

In Kiyebe, Uganda, we grow young coffee trees on high-quality lava soil, the first crop of which we will start roasting in 2021/22. This plantation is already helping local people and their families improve their quality of life. Support the development of the Kiyebe community by purchasing coffee from SUNDAY BEANS.

We are developing the local community

The community company we have founded aims to create jobs in Kiyebe not only for the young, but also for the ageing generation, and to improve the income and living standards of its workers through the coffee plantation.

Our vision and values

Our vision is to create a functioning project that can assist in a particular region in a long-term, in a self-sustaining way, in a community of people living in the mountain village of Kiyebe, Uganda. We do not follow Fair Trade or Direct Trade.

Our vision

The principle of our work and assistance is to create all the necessary conditions for the people of Kiyebe to be able to work independently, build and further develop the coffee plantation with everything that belongs to it within the community society. We believe that thanks to the knowledge, know-how and stable work at home, people in Kiyebe will be able to improve their standard of living in the long term, achieve better education and better medical care.

The values we build on

We have verified that the best help is the one that comes from working together and involving the whole community. We do not put fish on the “needy fisherman´s plate”, but rather give him a quality “fishing rod” and teach him where and how to “catch fish to catch as much as possible”. In our case, the newly built coffee plantation has become an imaginary “fishing rod”.

Philosophy of our project

Give people fish and feed them for the day. Teach them to fish and feed them for life.

We have verified that the best is to help by passing on know-how about proper farming and quality education.